Many of the young men we serve come from broken families and have never experienced the joy of opening Christmas presents.  Would you consider helping Cedar Ridge this Christmas season?

​Each boy is asked to list a minimum of 2 clothing items and 2 non-clothing items from which to choose.  The cost of each gift is not to exceed $25.00.

Gifts are due at Cedar Ridge no later than Wednesday, December 14, 2016.  Gifts should be wrapped and include 2 tags.  The first tag should include the boy's cottage and initials, what the gift is, and the gift giver's name.  The second tag should include the boy's initials, cottage name, and the gift giver's name only.  (This enables us to record the gifts that have been received for each boy.)

​Many items may be specified for purchase at a particular store.  You may purchase the same item at a store of your choice.

We offer you our sincere thanks for your cooperation and participation in the Cedar Ridge Christmas Project.  You may contact Denise McCauley or Brenda Moats in the Residental Office (301-582-0284) with any questions.


Your support in our special events is vital for our ministry.


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