Four Distinct Ministries -

One Common Goal

Cedar Ridge Ministries


Cedar Ridge is so blessed to have friends and supporters to our work with troubled youth.  In the process of working with our boys we make every effort we can to show them love and give them a stabilized living environment.  Most of our young men come from destructive homes and lack positive role models who nurture and love them unconditionally.

So for those who give so generously at Christmas for the boys gifts, we want to say thank you.  No amount of words can convey love like receiving a valued gift from a stranger.  This gives us a unique opportunity to not only tell them of our love for them as individuals but to show they are loved by others.  Your generosity is showing love and compassion - and we gratefully say thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas!

- David Swacina, Administrator

Your support in our special events is vital for our ministry.